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The services we offer are mainly focused on the protection of Intellectual Property Rights.

Registering a Brand

Registering a trademark has to be an important business decision for your business. When you develop a business and do not register the product you invest as a brand, then someone else can do it.
By registering the brand, you get the security and control over its identity. A clear identity creates a sense of security in the eyes of consumers and, moreover, a protected identity denotes confidence in the promoted product, and customers will respond positively to this.

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Preliminary research

This is the first and most important step you need to take when you want to register a trademark.
Preliminary research is reflected in a thorough study of all existing trademark markets and a clear determination whether the product you want to register is identical to or similar to another previously registered trademark.
By doing this research in a professional manner according to the result you have, you can organize the strategy of the next steps.
Therefore, the benefits of sound prior scientific research are to ensure that the product you want to register is unique and does not resemble other registered trademarks and that the chances of being faced with the impossibility of registering your mark are almost non-existent.

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Trademark monitoring after registration

Subsequently, at the time of your trademark registration, the second most important stage in the existence of a trademark appears, a stage that will extend over the entire existence.
Trademark monitoring needs to be done by a qualified team and equipped with tools to look for, identify and combat competition (identical or similar trademarks later on), avoiding all work, effort and money invested in brand registration , not be wasted, so that someone else can benefit from the reputation you have built and invested in.

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Drafting and supporting points of view in response to the Opinions on Provisional Refusal to Register a Brand. Oppositions and Appeals in the Field of Trademarks.

Once filed with OSIM or EUIPO, your trademark may be subject to several litigation procedures.
Opinions on Refusal to register a trademark, Opposition to trademark registration by interested third parties and Appeals against certain decisions issued by OSIM in the field of Trademarks may be subject to litigation procedures in which our lawyers can assist and represent you successfully.

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Representation in disputes before the Courts of the Court and actions before the Criminal Investigation Bodies.

If you find that your intellectual property rights in the domain of trademarks are violated, we can provide you with specialized assistance in counterfeit actions, claims for the cancellation of trademarks and abusive counterfeiting.
As the case may be, we can formulate and sustain civil actions and criminal complaints to stop the illicit activity of unauthorized use of your marks and cover for damages.

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Exploitation of Trademarks by Cession, Licensing or Franchising.

By registering the trademark, you make sure that you own an exclusive property right and, if the situation so requires, you can easily dispose of your trademark, exploit, assign or sell it.
In this regard, our team can assist you in formulating and negotiating Assignment Contracts, Exclusive or Non-Exclusive License, and Franchise.
We will be at your every step, providing you with high-quality legal services.

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